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Iko Cubicles

Going Green, Whatever The Colour.

Sustainable Performance With Eco-Friendly Materials.





  • Products designed to be manufactured, where possible, from recycled or sustainable materials.
  • Bamboo, which grows prolifically, can be made into a PEFC-certified veneer laminate and is used here on the cubicle doors & vanity under-panels.
  • Marmoleum is used to clad the partitions & pilasters. It is made from linseed oil, wood flour, cork, jute & resin.
  • Shredded coffee-bean bags are incorporated into the ‘Fibre’ laminate.
  • 40% of the material in the vanity top is recycled material that would otherwise have gone into land-fill.
  • The core material is particleboard with low VOC content.
  • Durable satin-anodised ironmongery.
  • 4.5litre flush wc pan uses 25% less water than standard.


  • Suitable for all dry area commercial projects.
  • Mirror frames made from recycled magazines.
  • Option for outward-opening doors for ambulant-disabled cubicles.


  • Doors: Bamboo veneer laminate.
  • Partitions & Pilasters: Marmoleum Colourful Greys range.
  • Duct panels: Fibre high-pressure laminate range.
  • Vanity top: Avonite Cozumel solid surfacing material.
  • Vanity under-panels: Bamboo veneer laminate.

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