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Burj Cubicles

Simply the Best - Our five star, full height, flush facia cubicle offers elegance and seclusion.

A cubicle system with a contemporary flush-facia look. All the prestige of a bespoke cubicle without the usual price tag.






  • 38mm flush-facia frontage.
  • Lightweight door cores make doors easy to open.
  • Rebated hardwood to long edges of doors & pilasters.
  • Realwood veneer laminate or standard high-pressure laminate finishes, according to design concept and budget.
  • Realwood laminate is realwood veneer encapsulated in melamine resin: much more suitable for washroom use than ordinary wood veneer with a lacquer finish.
  • Hidden fixings to pilaster & door junctions.
  • Specially designed extruded aluminium components at head & foot of pilasters & partitions.
  • German-designed, quality stainless-steel DDA compliant lock mechanism.
  • 19mm laminated panel for partitions. Self-closing stainless steel hinges.


  • Suitable for areas that demand the highest standards: offices, hotels, casinos and similar commercial projects. Also ideal for unisex cubicles.
  • A wide range of permutations of Burj cubicles is available: please discuss with our sales team.
  • A 46mm thick version with rising-butt hinges is also available as an option.
  • Option for outward-opening doors for ambulant-disabled cubicles.


  • Doors: Realwood veneer laminates or high-pressure laminates.
  • Pilasters: Realwood veneer laminates or high-pressure laminates.
  • Partitions: a wide choice of high-pressure laminates in plain, ribbed or textured colours, woodgrain or metallic effects.
  • Vanity trough: Avonite solid surfacing material.


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Burj Case Studies


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