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Nursery and Reception School Washroom Facilities

School washroom systems

For pupils in the Nursery/Reception age group, Decra believe that the most important thing is for toilet facilities to be welcoming and fun for children to use.

Cut-down cubicle profiles are used to give a more open, well lit and easily monitored space. Strong primary colours, elementary shapes and numbers - all familiar from the classroom - are frequently used.

There is also a range of entertaining graphic images, which we call LooArt, to further enhance the feel-good factor - potentially including the kids’ own artwork.

And finally, if you’re looking for inspiration, just have a look at the choice of cubicles available and then see what Earlham Primary School did with their children’s toilets ... or Collis Hill School ... or Graveney School ... or Eldon Infants School ... With a little imagination, there’s always a way and Decra will help you find it.

Please click on the thumbnails below to examine each range in more detail.

Lifestyle Junior cubicles
Lifestyle Junior

Freestyle Junior cubicles
Freestyle Junior

Imp cubicles

Cygnet cubicles

LooART cubicles

Wigli Junior cubicles
Wigli Junior

Constructa ducts
Duct Panelling

Constructa vanity units
Vanity Units

Lockers and benches
Lockers and Benches


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